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I'm just me.

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About Me

I am not the most interesting person in the world. Even if I were, what would that really matter? There will always be interesting people, it just depends on what your interests are, and where they lay. And of course, this isn't TV.

I've been working on websites for well over a decade now. I enjoy it so much it even gave me the incentive to return to school and get a degree in IT. So if you've been on this website before and saw entirely different information, that was probably what you found. This particular website has been a testing site. I've used it to try out new things. For a while I used it for school projects. Now its back to whatever, whenever, what suits me.

So if you think I must be off of center, well I may be that too, but this website domain has been used for a lot of different purposes. Such is life.